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Excess Temperature Protection

The ESTI Excess Temperature Protection is a revolutionary development on the field of thermal safety engineering. It represents the very best solution, from the technical and economical point of view, of all difficult problems involved in the limitation of temperature between + 86 and 572 degrees F (40 an 300 degrees C).

Due to the innumerable possibilities of using this perfectly reliable device for the protection of rooms, halls, plants, machines and apparatus imperilled by overheating, to the simple manner of installing this ingenious gadget and to its perfectly dependable reaction the ESTI Excess Temperature Protector is one of the most important technical helps for the prevention of dangers and losses in both industry and trade.

ESTI Protection for:    
Turbines Sterilizers Flow type heaters
Motors Instrument cookers Washing machines
Generators Pumping plants Silos
Transformers Tanks Air conditioning plants
Rectifiers Liquid fuel stores Autoclaves
Vulcanizers Gear transmissions Destilling apparatus
Drying kilns Bearings of every description Fire alarm
Air heaters Electric heaters Gas piping
Hardening furnaces Immersion heaters etc.
Baker's ovens Coffee machines  
Laboratory equipment Geysers  

As well as for the mining industry and in all industrial plants where explosions may occur, ESTI Excess Temperature Protection can be used in controls for electrical installations and for mechanical release, including signalling devices for temperature monitoring installations and fire alarms in large rooms (theatres, cinemas, warehouses, storage places, silos etc.), in mines, shipping, industry and railways of all kinds.

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