Installing ESTI protection

ESTI excess temperature Protective switches in single and multi-pole design can be fitted directly outside the danger points in machines, equipment etc. for absorbing the contact heat there, as well as keeping the inside of machines by check. For this latter case harder accessible points in the interior can be reached by a probe with a ESTI cartridge attached to it at the detection end. If the critical temperature is exceeded a sprung tongue reliable releases the easily accessible protective switch on the outside. With an insulated probe it is even possible to use ESTI protection in a high tension field of high frequency alternating magnetic field. ESTI excess temperature protection can be used in control panels for electrical installations and for mechanical releases including signalling devices for temperature monitoring installations and fire alarms in large rooms, in mines, shipping, industry and railways of all kinds.

Well known companies in the fire-fighting equipment industry have introduced the ESTI principle into their designs; its absolute reliability and intensitivity to outside influences makes it even more perfect, safer and more accurate protection than any other means.

The ESTI cartridge does not age.

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