Temperature Protection

For many years the ESTI Excess Protection has been an approved method providing for the first time absolute certainty that dangerous overheating can be rendered harmless promptly before causing fire or explosion, often resulting in loss of great economic assets and irreplaceable provate or public property. Over the past few years numerous accidents can be listed in which ESTI would have been capable of preventing loss of assets or even human lives. Therefore, ESTI Excess Temperature Protection, distinguished for the utmost simplicity of principle, has a high economic omportance by means of its absolutely cartain and permanent function.

Domestic als well as industries abroad have enthusiastically adopted the ESTI principle, utilizing its wide and varied scope of application.

For a great number of purposes ESTI Apparatebau GmbH in Berlin has developed outstandingly practical ESTI safety appliances which have proved valuable to an extraordinary degree in practice.

ESTI Excess Temperature Protection provides thermic monitoring of machinery plant, rooms and equipment in industry, mining, shipping, trade as well as at home. ESTI reliable and automatically switches off or reverses electrical supply as soon as undesirably high temperatures occur. ESTI protective switches exist (or can easily be designed) for all kinds of machinery, electric motors, transformers, electric heating appliances, large scal units etc. The ESTI principle can be applied as well to mechanical fire alarms and the releases and control of fire protective and fire fighting installations.

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